Scientist Advocacy Toolkit

Published Feb 16, 2017

Table of Contents

Are you a scientist looking for ways to use your expertise for the good of your community? If so, this toolkit is for you. Whether you’re an early career scientist just getting started in advocacy, or an experienced scientist/advocate looking for new ideas, we can help you up your game. The tips, tools, and other resources below will help you stand up against attacks on science, form productive community partnerships, communicate effectively to a variety of audiences, and expand your knowledge base.

Increase your impact with these tips and tools

Use these guides to strengthen your advocacy skills and ability to connect with decision makers and the media, and within your community.

Spark local action

If you’re ready for more engaged efforts, UCS will provide the how-tos and tips for creating community and effecting change on the issues that are most important to you.

  • Building trust in environmental justice communities
  • Planning an inclusive, accessible event
  • Organizing and participating in inclusive panels
  • Organizing a call-in day
  • Hosting a letter-writing party
  • Hosting a public education event
  • Checklist for organizing an effective event
  • Starting a local science cafe

  • Stay informed on the latest action opportunities

    It’s challenging for the busy scientist to keep track of the many urgent issues and opportunities to get involved. Here are some resources for keeping up to date: